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2021 Virtual Western Region COFE Seminar – Improving Forest Harvesting Operations

2021 Virtual Western Region COFE Seminar – Improving Forest Harvesting Operations


Start Date: January 14, 2021
Location: Virtual

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8:15 Introduction and Announcements – Jeff Wimer, Chair, WR.COFE & OSU FERM Department

8:30  Timber Faller, Rigging Crew and Operator Safety and Health with Tethered Logging Systems and OROSHA Variance Data – John Garland, PE. Consulting Forest Engineer, Professor Emeritus, FERM, Oregon State University, Affiliate Professor, Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, University of Washington (abstract)

9:15  Slope stability and Forest Practices in Washington: regulations, guidance, FPAs, and roles of the geologist and forest engineer  – Ted Turner, Weyerhaeuser (abstract)

10:00  Energy Absorbing Cab Guards – Kevin Lyons, Oregon State University

10:45 Timber Cruising with Body Mounted Cameras – Lucas Wells, Holtz Forestry

11:30 Break

Tethered Logging Update

Start TimeRoads BreakoutLogging Breakout
12:30Idaho Steep Slope Harvesting: Tracks, Tires, and Tethering – Austin Finster,  Oregon State UniversityTethered Assist Logging: A Systems Approach – Bruce Skurdahl, Summit Equipment
1:15Surfacing Forest Roads When Aggregate is Expensive – Kevin Lyons, Oregon State UniversityDeadman Anchoring Design for Cable Logging: A New Approach – Francisca Belart, Oregon State University (abstract)
2:00Towed Grader – Tucker Stanley, Tuckers Road SurfaceSurvey of Harvesting Systems in New Zealand – Hunter Harrill, Humboldt State University (abstract)
3:00Are battery Electric Log Trucks the Future in Mountainous Terrains in the Pacific Northwest? – John Sessions, Oregon State UniversityWire Rope Research and Reminders – Brian Tuor, Cable Logging Specialist
3:45Software Tools for the Modern Forest Engineer – Matthew Dickie, Softree Technical SystemsDC Equipment and Falcon Forestry Equipment: Our Mechanization Journey – Dale Ewers, DC Equipment (abstract)


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Event date: 
Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 08:15 to 16:30